Our wedding on July 26, 2009 Crowne Plaza and Gazebo Royale in Quezon City Wedding
Trip to Bohol in April 2009 Bohol Bohol
Bantayan Over Christmas and New Year 2008/2009 in the Philippines Cebu - Mactan - Bantayan
Across Europe in October 2008 Europe Germany - Austria - Italy - France
In the Philippines June 2008 Manila, Boracay, plus Seoul / South Korea
In the Philippines March 2008 Manila, Luzon, El Nido, plus Hongkong
Bucharest 2006 August 2006 Extended weekend in Bucharest
Brazil 2006 July 2006 Physics in Collision Conference in Buzios, and a little vacation afterwards
Mix 10/2005-3/2006 2005-2006 Around Fermilab
Canyons 2005 May 7-10 2005 Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, starting from Las Vegas
Berlin 2005 Mar 2005 DPG Tagung in Berlin
Japan 2004 Nov 2004 A couple of days in Kyoto and Osaka
China 2004 Aug 13-30 2004 International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP04) in Beijing, followed by Shanghai and Hong Kong
Darlowo Jun 24-27, 2004 Darlowo, Bölzig, Groß Dölln, Groß Väter
Fresno 2004 Jun 7-12, 2004 D0 Workshop, Fresno, California
D0 detector pictures Mar 21, 2004 A couple of pictures in the collision hall during a 10 day shutdown
St.Patrick's Day Chicago 2004 Mar 13, 2004 St. Patrick's Day in downtown Chicago
Oceania Oct to Nov 2003 Travel through the South Pacific: French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Fiji, New Zealand
Chicago etc. , Batavia Mar to Oct 2003 More random pictures (Aachen, Chicago, Naperville, Batavia)
Beaune 2003 Jun 16-20, 2003 D0 Workshop, Beaune, France
St. Petersburg 2003 Apr 21-28, 2003 DIS 2003 Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia
Martin's Farewell Apr 5, 2003 A small farewell outing for Martin Wegner in Walter Payton's Roundhouse in Aurora
St.Patrick's Day Chicago 2003 Mar 15, 2003 St. Patrick's Day in downtown Chicago with the German expatriates
Mix 1996-2001 1996-2001 Fotos from varying sources... Webcam 1996, Alfa Spider 2000, CDF 2001, Dragon Boat Race 2001, Heather's 4th of July 2001
Beijing 2001 Sep 2001 Computing in High Energy Physics conference in Beijing, plus a couple of days before and after
Rio de Janeiro 2000 Oct 2000 Heavy Quarks at Fixed Target conference in Rio de Janeiro, plus a couple of days before and after
May 2000 , August to December 2000 , December 2000 to July 2001 May 2000 to July 2001 More or less random pictures

Counter hits since Sep. 1, 1996 (includes DESY, FNAL, RWTH).